Why A FLEA Ukulele?

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Simple, fun for all ages. Superb quality. Endless frontiers for making music. Mastering ukulele creates an easier path to learn guitar, too.

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Uke Popularity is Soaring

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This link to a 3 minute feature film captures the spirit!

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FLEA ukuleles are made with superb USA craftsmanship by The Magic Fluke Co.

Learn Fast, Play Great

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We pack FLEA ukuleles with special accessories to learn it in a breeze. We also sell FLEA ukuleles alone or paired with a designer case.

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Supporting Music Education

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Our products equip teachers with quality music education tools for students in home, public or private schools. Same goes for college students and learners of any age.

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Visit our Community Blog

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Learn about our community roots and who helps us donate FLEA ukuleles to pediatric hospitals


Want to Sponsor Ukuleles?

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Supporting Music Therapy

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Sales and sponsors help us donate FLEA ukuleles to music therapy programs ... at no extra cost to you. They bring joy to hospitalized children and their families.

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